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      MBA Essay范文:Retail innovation零售創新

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      MBA Essay范文參考,零售創新——以Freshhema為例。本文是一篇MBA作業格式范文,內容是關于商業環境中的力量(趨勢)如何要求組織/公司創新的專業文章,用案例、數據和圖像作為你的主張的證據。確保你文章中的論點有可信的理論、證據和案例支持。
      MBA Essay范文參考
      MBA Essay范文參考
      1.0 Introduction 簡介
      Schumpeter believed that the so-called innovation is to "build a new production function", that is, to introduce a "new combination" of production factors and production conditions that has never been introduced into a production system to achieve the “new combination” of the production factors or production conditions; the economic development of capitalism is the result of such continuous innovation; and the purpose of this “new combination” is to continuously cope with the new challenges encountered in the process of economic development, so that enterprises can obtain the maximum profit (Louçã, 2014; Konstantakis and Michaelides, 2017). This article focuses on the retail industry and discusses how retail companies can use innovation to respond to new trends and challenges to achieve success.
      2.0 Main body 正文主體
      In the past few decades, the dominant position of suppliers or channels in the market has been stable in previous changes, but now the right to speak has gradually shifted to the hands of consumers (Jajja, Asif, Montabon and Chatha, 2019). Consumers are increasingly standing at the center of business activities and becoming the market leader. A new generation of consumers is more self-aware, consumer attitudes and behaviors are more personalized. The traditional e-commerce gains the favor of young consumers with price advantage, which is not so effective now, because consumers face more choices, homogenized products and services make customer loyalty very low, this new trend brings retail enterprises a huge challenge.
      4R marketing theory is based on relationship marketing, focusing on long-term interaction between business and customer relationships, and focusing on building customer loyalty. It is a more practical and effective marketing strategy, both from the interests of manufacturers and the needs of consumers. 4R marketing theory provides valuable insights for retail companies to respond to new trends. In terms of business model, some leading companies adopt a combination of online and offline modes. This business model innovation allows consumers to obtain more superlative purchasing experience, price comparison, and more convenient payment, the enterprises are through analysis and application of relevant data to establish a rational decision-making model. On the one hand, these decision-making models are used to recommend consumers the goods that they need most, and on the other hand, the companies’ inventory and replenishment are scientifically guided to reduce costs. All in all, the innovation of business model and decision-making model can further improve consumers' shopping satisfaction, improve marketing efficiency, reduce marketing cost, achieve win-win situation between customers and enterprises, and finally achieve the purpose of improving consumer loyalty and establishing a long-term relationship between consumers and enterprises.
      Freshhema is Alibaba's new retail format for the complete reconfiguration of offline supermarkets. Freshhema is a supermarket, a restaurant, and a vegetable market. Consumers can go to the store to buy, or they can place an order through Freshhema App. One of the biggest features of Freshhema is the fast delivery: within 3 km of the store, it delivers to the door in 30 minutes. Alibaba provides membership services to the consumers of Freshhema, consumers can use Taobao or Alipay accounts to register, so that consumers can view and purchase goods from the nearest store. Freshhema can track consumer buying behavior and make personalized recommendations with big data. The biggest difference with traditional retail is that Freshhema uses big data, mobile internet, smart EPC system network, automation and other technologies and advanced equipment to achieve optimal matching between people, goods and fields, from supply chain, warehousing to distribution, Freshhema has its own complete logistics system.
      Freshhema’s first store in Shanghai Jinqiao has an average daily turnover of about 1 million yuan (RMB), which has already achieved a single store profit. Freshhema’s stores which have been operating for more than half a year have basically achieved profitability. The annual turnover of Freshhema’s Shanghai Jinqiao store profits about 250 million yuan (RMB) in 2016, the surface efficiency: the turnover per square was about 56,000 yuan (RMB), which was much higher than the average of other companies in the industry (15,000 yuan (RMB)). In Freshhema’s stores, the users’ monthly purchases are up to 4.5 times, and the surface efficiency is 3-5 times that of the traditional supermarket.
      MBA essay范文
      MBA essay范文
      3.0 Conclusion 結論
      Due to the development of productivity, young consumers are faced with more choices, homogenized products and services make customer loyalty very low. This new trend poses a huge challenge for retailers. Through the innovation of business model and decision-making model, retail enterprises can further improve consumers' shopping satisfaction, improve marketing efficiency, reduce marketing costs, achieve a win-win situation for customers and enterprises, and ultimately achieve the goal of improving consumer loyalty and establishing long-term relationships between enterprises and consumers. The case of Freshhema shows that retail companies have achieved better profits than traditional retailers through innovation, indicating that the use of innovation is likely to help retail companies to adapt to the challenges and new trends.
      References 參考文獻
      Jajja, M. S. S., Asif, M., Montabon, F. and Chatha, K. A. (2019). Buyer-supplier relationships and organizational values in supplier social compliance. Journal of Cleaner Production, 214(20), 331-344.
      Konstantakis, K. N. and Michaelides, P. G. (2017). Does technology cause business cycles in the USA? A Schumpeter-inspired approach. Structural Change and Economic Dynamics, 43(12), 15-26.
      Louçã, F. (2014). The elusive concept of innovation for Schumpeter, Marschak and the early econometricians. Research Policy, 43(8), 1442-1449.
      MBA Essay格式通常采用以上這篇三段論的方法進行寫作,通過Introduction,Main body和Conclusion三部分內容進行分析,通過簡短的內容進行陳述,符合國外大學MBA作業的格式要求,供廣大留學生朋友參考,如有寫作指導可以咨詢本站客服。

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