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      1.0 Environment and industrial analysis

      The autonomous vehicle technology has developed rapidly in recent years. Many developed countries have revised the related laws and regulations in the industry in order to support enterprises to conduct research and development and test of autonomous cars. In general, western countries have gradually recognized the legal status of autonomous vehicles in legal principles. In addition, Chinese government also decides to put forward policies to support autonomous vehicle technology. Chow (2018) points out that Chinese government regulates that by 2020 half of new cars sold must have full or partial autonomous functions. In 2017, Beijing government promotes policies to allow autonomous vehicles to be driven on the city’s road after they pass the test in a closed zone. Influenced by Beijing government, an increasing of local government will release policies about autonomous vehicles policies, which may be beneficial for the development of autonomous vehicles.

      2.0 Organization plan組織計劃 

      The 5G driverless system is developed by Baidu's unmanned driving department affiliated to Baidu's head office. Jinlong provides assistance in manufacturing and production equipment, and Huawei provides 5G related technical support. These three companies set up legal joint ventures, and each has a total investment of Three hundred million to cooperate, each accounting for one-third of the total shareholding rights. After the company is built, in order to guarantee sufficient working capital, the company will issue shares and conduct equity financing. Generally speaking, newly established technology-based enterprises are mostly technology-developed, that is, through the development of new technologies to create new products or services, thereby making sales profit. After the initial capital injection, the late capital investment will be relatively large. Financing can not only bring more funds into research and development, but also a way of absorbing resources, but also can promote the effect. The three shareholders will give up the ownership of some enterprises and introduce new shareholders' financing methods through the way of capital increase.

      3.0 Financial Plan

      3.1 Assumptions

      This financial plan will be based on the following assumptions: First, in the next five years, the policy factors and social environment of the development of the driverless industry are good. Second, the unmanned driving industry maintains a good development trend. Third, the company can operate smoothly as planned. Due to the changeable market conditions, the project period will be flexible according to the company's internal and external conditions, so the data of this financial analysis can only be used as the prediction and reference of investment and operation.

      3.2 Earnings Estimate

      The company's users are tourist passenger transport companies, tourist rental companies and tourist attractions. At present, there is a large demand for sightseeing cars, which has a larger market space. The expected sales are shown in Table 1.

      Earnings Estimate
      Table 1:Expected Sales

      In 2020, we are mainly engaged in the specific design, development, sample production and testing of new products, and sell the existing Apollon. Based on the current 100 vehicles, we expect to achieve a 50% increase in sales by 2020, reaching 150 vehicles.
      In 2021, a passenger car carrying 5G unmanned technology system with higher speed will start mass production and put on the market. With direct sales as the main part and distribution as the supplement, the annual sales volume of new products is expected to reach about 150.
      In 2022, publicity efforts will be intensified. Annual sales are expected to increase by 250 vehicles, while investing in new products.
      In 2023, launching Omega with larger passenger capacity. The annual sales volume of the new product is expected to be 200.
      In 2024, the focus will be on the promotion of two new products, with annual sales expected to increase by 300.
      3.3 Pro Forma Income Statement

      Income Statement
      table2:Pro Forma Income Statement

      Cost of goods sold: In the first two years, the production cost is expected to be 66% of the sales revenue. As the process matures, the product line becomes clear and the production efficiency will gradually improve. With the increase of bargaining power with suppliers, it is expected that the production cost will be reduced to 55% of the sales revenue in the next three years.
      Salaries: The annual wage growth rate of this enterprise will be set at 9%. It is expected to increase the number of employees in the fourth and fifth year.Insurance: It is divided into social insurance, property insurance and other insurances. Social insurance takes the total wages of enterprises as its tax base and Beijing's regulations as its standard. Among them, pension insurance is 19%, medical insurance is 10%, unemployment insurance is 0.8%, industrial injury insurance is 1%, maternity insurance is 0.8%, and the total is 31.6% (Beijing Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau 2019). Property insurance is calculated at 1% of the total fixed assets. Other premiums are 500,000 per year.
      Business Taxes and Surcharges: Educational surcharge is calculated at 3% of VAT, urban maintenance and construction tax is calculated at 7% of VAT, and stamp tax is calculated at 0.03% of sales.
      Depreciation: According to the company's specific conditions, the depreciation method adopts the straight-line method. The net residual value of fixed assets is 3% of the original value of fixed assets, the depreciation life of buildings is 20 years, and the depreciation life of equipment is 10 years.

      3.4 Break-Even Analysis  

      Accounts Payable: Accounts payable are money owed to the supplier, calculated at 25% of the cost of production.
      Fixed Assets: Plant construction ¥800,000,000 + equipment ¥50,000,000

      break-even point
      table2:Break-Even point
      According to the calculation, the break-even point of this project will appear in 2020.

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