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      英國essay 澳洲essay 美國essay 加拿大essay MBA EssayEssay格式范文


      時間:2021-03-29 09:28來源:www.nguoikontum.com 作者:Cleo 點擊:
      圖一 essay開頭如何使用連接詞


        這部分通常被用以表達你的各種觀點,彼此之間有一定的邏輯關系,并且同時指向一個中心思想。Firstly/secondly/thirdly/fourthly/lastly/last but not least/finally



        in addition/additionally/furthermore/moreover/also/not only but also/as well as


        顧名思義,當然是用在舉例子佐證觀點的時候啦。寫essay時常常會用到例子,所以自然要多學一些表達方式,否則就太干癟了。For example/ one dear example is/ for instance/ such as/ namely/ to illustrate/ in other words


        Because/because of this/ being that (口語)/ another important factor/ reason of/ since/  as/ for/ since that/ owing to/ due to/  for the reason that/ in view of/ result from/ the reason seems to be obvious/ there are about/ for this reason/ as a result of this/ therefore / so/ consequently/ /as a result/thus/in hence / so/ so that/ in consequence/ as a consequence/ accordingly因此,于是,相應地/ inevitably 不可避免地/ under these conditions/ there upon it/


        But/ even so/ however/ though/ even though/ independent of/ reckless of/ despite that/ in spite of / regardless of/ yet/ but unless/ Nonetheless


        And/ also/ too/ as well as/ either or/both and


        furthermore此外,而且/ moreover而且,此外/further進一步地,此外/in this way/ still/ not only but also/ not but/ in addition (to)/additionally/ much more interesting/ more specifically/next/ besides/ as far as/is concerned/ moreover/ in other words/ along this line of consideration/ on (the) one hand… on the other hand/ even as/ as the saying goes/ in order to/meanwhile/ at the same time/ accordingly/ In the first place... in the second place.../equally important/of even greater appeal.

      圖二 essay開頭連接詞80例「附使用案例」

        Similarly/ in like manner/ in comparison with/ when compared with/ compared with/ when/ in fact/likewise/similarly important/apart from (doing)//rather than/ by doing so/ both...and.../ in the same way/ not only...but (also).


        Yet/ still/ for all of that/ notwithstanding 雖然,盡管/rather當然,的確,寧愿,相當/ neither ... nor/ although/ though/ but/ however/ conversely/unlike/opposed to/ as opposed to this/ in contrast(to)/ by way of/ on the contrary/ different from this/nevertheless 然而,不過,雖然如此/ contrary to/whereas但是,鑒于/ while/ but on the other hand/ if; unless; lest; provided that; if it is the case; in this sense; once.. if possible; if necessary; if sO; if not all; if anything.


        In a word/in sum/ in short/ in brief/ in conclusion / in summary/therefore/hence /to sum up / to conclude/the conclusion can be drawn that/for this reason / on the whole


        Beyond/opposite to/adjacent/to/at the same place/ there/over/ in the middle/ around/ in front of/ in the distance/further/ here and there/ above/below/ at the right/ between/on this side


        with this object/ for this purpose/ in order that/in this way/ since/so that/ on that account/ in case /with a view to/ for the same reason.


        in other words/ that is to say/ as I have said/ again/ once again.


        Accordingly/thus/consequently(因此)/hence/ therefore/ thereupon/ inevitably/ under these conditions/as a result/as a consequence/ because/ because of/ so that/ not only...but (also... so/as to.


        at once/ immediately/ at length /in the meantime/meanwhile/ at the same time/ in the end/ soon/ not long after/ later/at once/ at last/ finally/ some time ago/ at present/ all of a sudden/ from this time on/ from time to time/since then/ when/ whenever/ next point/ a few minutes later/ formerly/ as/ once/ since/ occasionally/in a moment/ shortly/ whereupon/ previously/henceforth/ when/ as/ while/as soon as/ before/after/since/ till/until/ the minute/ the moment/ the second/every time/ the day/the instant/ immediately/ directly/ no sooner … than/ hardly …when/ scarcely … when



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