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      留學essay 的conclusion如何寫?如何寫才能符合留學essay的寫作要求?

      時間:2015-09-04 21:57來源:www.nguoikontum.com 作者:felicia 點擊:

      對于很多留學生而言,留學essay是一件極為頭疼的事情,很多留學生在寫留學essay,特別是留學essay conclusion的時候,著實傷透了腦筋。



      conclusion,可以說是introduction的mirror image(還原投射),在essay的introduction部分,我們需要申論essay的thesis,在essay的conclusion部分,我們需要重申我們所提出的thesis。也就是說,essay introduction是縮影,從寬泛到詳細,essay conclusion與之相反,從詳細到寬泛。


      e.g. 1 在住家附近蓋商業廣場——essay topic。

      It has been announced that a large shopping center may be built in your neighborhood. Do you support or oppose this plan? Why? Use specific reasons and details to support your answer.

      Against 持反對意見的一種寫法

      essay introduction:

      Construction of a large shopping center will do more harm than good to our neighborhood. While some neighbors welcome the news in execitement over the forthcoming progress, others like me are against the plan for nostalgic reason. The choice is up to the majority of residents. We either stop the proposed mall from being built, or lose forever the only playground we have left.

      [The body in paragraph A and paragraph B.]{中體兩段}


      In spite of all possible economic benefits a large shopping center can promise to deliver, there is no substitute for the old lifestyle cherished so fondly by families in the community. We have little to gain from an undesirable monster building that is likely to affect our environment. We had better keep our neighborhood as we remember it and not as it may become. If only for nostalgic reason, we hate to miss the merry sight and sound of children having a good time in the playground.

      Support 持贊成的意見

      essay introduction:

      Our old neighborhood can get a face-lift if the proposed mall is to be constructed. Probably for nostalgic reason, some older neighbors prefer to turn a deaf ear to the announcement, but many welcome the news as too good to be true. We have been expecting that kind of progress to come near us, even at the expense of tranquility in lifestyle. The choice is now up to the residents. We either support building the mall, or lose our only chance to reactivate our community.

      [The body paragraphs A and B that are sub-focused to support the thesis.]{中體兩段}


      It may become clear that we cannot win a better economic future with a neighborhood of the past. In fact, if the construction happens, we have much to gain and little to lose other than perhaps a sense of nostalgia. That some residents are used to old lifestyles as if living in the countryside is understandable. For these sentimental neighbors, the consolation is that they can continue living in the same neighborhood as remembered as well as enjoying the new and dynamic neighborhood it may become.

      e.g.2 方便快餐——essay topic

      Fast food is developing more and more popular . It replaces other traditional food. Some people think it is good while some people disagree with it. What is your opinion about it? Give reasons.

      A balanced diet or eating balanced meals is the key to a healthy life. Do you agree or disagree?

      Nowadays, food has become easier to prepare. Has this change improved the way people live? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

      Example introduction and conclusion.

      essay introduction:

      These days, the way people eat has changed to some extent the way they live. The new eating habits are far from eating well and staying fit. The problem seems to be increasing dependence on fast food rather than balanced meals. Instead of seeking a healthy life, quite a few consumers of ready-to-eat food are getting fat and lazy.


      Body paragraph A about people getting fat.

      Body paragraph B about people getting lazy.


      Overweight and laziness are no doubt related to people eating badly without paying attention to a balanced diet. Probably, the solution could be found in the menu of more traditional food. Refraining from eating too much fast food too often may therefore be an effective way to a healthy life. Of course, people eat whatever to live, but to stay fit, fast food should not be the first choice.

      以上就是關于留學essay conclusion如何寫的一些簡要分析,希望對大家有所幫助,如果還有什么不明白的地方,歡迎致電,我們將竭誠為您服務。

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