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      personal statement格式范文-如何為您的碩士學位寫個人陳述

      時間:2021-07-12 09:49來源:www.nguoikontum.com 作者:cinq 點擊:
      personal statement格式范文大全來了,為您的碩士學位寫個人陳述與為您的第一個學位寫一份個人陳述非常相似,唯一真正的區別是,因為你申請的是更高層次的學位,那么您需要讓讀者相信您的personal statement適合研究生學習。如果您回想一下您的第一個學位申請,很可能你發現個人陳述是最困難的部分。這是因為我們不習慣“推銷自己”,從小就灌輸謙虛對待自己的成就。然而,這一次,所有謙虛的想法都應該被摒棄,因為您需要向考官表明,您正是他們在碩士學位課程上想要的人。然而,當您為您的碩士學位寫一份個人聲明時,你應該遵守一些“注意事項”,我們來看看。
      personal statement格式范文
      personal statement格式范文
       Writing a personal statement for your Masters Degree is very similar to writing a personal statement for your first degree, the only real difference is that because you are applying to study at a higher level then you will need to convince the reader of your personal statement of your suitability for postgraduate study.
      If you think back to your first degree application, it is likely that you found the personal statement to be the most difficult part. This is because we are not used to ‘selling ourselves’ and it is instilled in us from an early age to be modest about our achievements. However, this is one time when all thoughts of modesty should be dispensed with because you need to show the examiners that you are exactly the person that they want on their Masters Degree course.
      There are a few ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’, however, to which you should adhere when you are writing a personal statement for your Masters Degree. Let’s take a look at them.
      Do present yourself as enthusiastic, keen and willing. 一定要表現得熱情、熱心、愿意。  
      Don’t present yourself as overconfident.不要表現得過于自信。
      Do list all your interests, especially those that are relevant to your course.列出你所有的興趣,尤其是那些與你的課程相關的。
      Don’t repeat information that is already on your application form.不要重復申請表上的信息。  
      Do talk about what you feel you can bring to the course.一定要談談你覺得你能給課程帶來什么。
      Don’t forget to sound keen to be accepted onto the course.別忘了聽起來很想被錄取。
      Do go into detail about why you want to study for the course.一定要詳細說明你為什么要學習這門課程。   
      Don’t describe the course to the academic institution.不要向學術機構描述課程。 
      Do mention your achievements.一定要提到你的成就。
      Don’t exaggerate (or lie) about your achievements!不要夸大(或撒謊)你的成就! 
      personal statement格式范文
      personal statement格式范文
      As you can see, what you are aiming to achieve is a balance between what the university wants and needs to know about you and what you can bring to the course. It is also important to make yourself attractive as a member of the university, so including sporting or musical achievements is a good idea.
      If you feel that you need help with this, why not contact us? Our expert writers are familiar with the process of application for a Masters Degree and have not only been through it themselves but are also used to reading applications so they know what universities are looking for. In other words, they can show you how best to write a personal statement for your Masters Degree that will have a good chance of being accepted.

      如果您覺得personal statemen寫作這方面需要幫助,為什么不聯系我們呢?我們的專家作家熟悉申請碩士學位的過程,不僅自己經歷過,而且也習慣于閱讀申請書,因此他們知道大學在尋找什么。換句話說,他們可以告訴您如何最好地為你的碩士學位寫personal statemen個人陳述,這將有一個很好的機會被錄取。

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